sábado, 9 de janeiro de 2010

Composition 1

I would be very pleased to inform you, the Principal of this school, how was the Career Conference once you gave me this unique opportunity to study in this appraised College.
The Conference was planned to start at 9 am untill 6 pm since friday untill sunday at the Vancouver Hall.
Many experts in the vocacional area were available to help the students in theis issues in finding the correct course to follow at the university.
Although it was not achieved the number of students that were being expected for the Conference, it was noticeable that most of the attended students were from the scientifical area. The main reason for that is because the students from the humanity area does not have as much subdivisions to choose in their course as the ones from the scientifical area, in which they must choose an especialization in order to graduate.
I would like to highligh the amazing variety of exhibitions and the wide range of career that was being presented in the main hall. I found it very usefull for the students who needed an advice in which path they should follow to achieve success in their lifes.
In conclusion to it, the conference was helpfull for the doubtfull students and decisive for the ones who had a slightly idea of what they wanted for their professional lifes.

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