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Social Programme's Overview
This report is intended to:
1. Evaluate how the Social Programme in this school is being consideres by its students.
2. Indicate what are the main characteristics for a Social Organizer.
At the end of January, the Students Committee have made an evaluation with the students of this school. The main purpose os this action was to bring up their main opinions regarding the Social Programme, once there were not as many attendance.
Student's Opinion
The majority of students pointed out that one of the causes for the unattendance was due to the misscomunication by the organisers. Although most of them were considered highly outstanding on keeping the fun environment in every place, the students would be somewhat pleased if the organisers would be more accessible for giving any further informations.
Social Organiser's Personality
This job requires a person who is already in this field, in other words, who enjoys to socialize and, by its own nature, have the feeling for party places that would able the students to join in and get to know other people.
Even further, the social organiser must be talkative and creative as well to help with the advertisement of the programmes, which is also an important point for the well-attendance.
In the light's of this month research, I would highly recommend to invite more open-minded students who would have the characteristics up above mentioned as a way of restablish the committee, and as well, bring up the importance of socializing at a language school.

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